Blimey – it’s been well over a year since I last wrote a post here – how time flies. The good news is that I’m still vegan (nearly 2 years since I started!), and it’s been a year where I’ve seen veganism becoming far more prominent: not only in my own social circles (many of […]

I love Berlin. When a friend recently asked if I wanted to tag along with his group of friends, for what would be my 6th visit, I didn’t need to be asked twice. I love how laid back the city is, how pleasant it is to cycle around on a summer’s day, how fun the […]

I started working in Farringdon several months ago and have become more reliant on Pret than when I used to work in Camden. For some months Pret had frustratingly few vegan options, and would often remove the only vegan options they had. When I started buying from them more frequently, in terms of non-salad lunch […]

Dear me, time does fly by. I can’t believe it’s been a couple of months since I last posted! In that time my girlfriend has jetted off to South Korea for a year to teach English, and after 4 years living just with her I’m now living with a friend, which is novel! I’ve moved […]

After reading Fat Gay Vegan’s recommendation about newly-opened #HOME being the best vegan food in London, I had to check it out. Located in Boxpark, Shoreditch, #HOME is a completely vegan Asian fast-food place offering a wide variety of dishes from sweet n sour, to black bean, pad Thai, various curries and more. Each is […]

I was addicted to burritos before I became vegan, and I’m still addicted to them now. Whilst my order has changed from what it was before, it’s a testament to the excellent flavours of Mexican food that a burrito can be just as tasty without meat and dairy. I say can, because some options are […]

This Christmas was the first that I have been vegan for, and it was complete success. On first thoughts it feels like a vegan Christmas dinner could be very different, or lacking, to a ‘conventional’ one – it’s all about the meat right? But, we found that it was pretty simple to make a great […]

A little while ago I’d been out for drinks with a couple of old friends, and, as is customary after having a few, was craving something to eat on the way home. This was just after I’d started being vegan, and I stumbled into the McDonald’s at Charing Cross, hoping that there would be something […]

My girlfriend recently told me about a place called Vegan Cross: a vegan shop in London that sells vegan-friendly clothing, vegan groceries and most interestingly: vegan takeaway fast food. Of course, becoming vegan I’ve been looking forward to eating more healthily than I did before, by cutting out a lot of the saturated fat associated […]