Can you be vegan in McDonald’s? (Yes, but you don’t want to.)

A little while ago I’d been out for drinks with a couple of old friends, and, as is customary after having a few, was craving something to eat on the way home. This was just after I’d started being vegan, and I stumbled into the McDonald’s at Charing Cross, hoping that there would be something on the menu appropriate for me to eat.


For a place synonymous with its beef burgers, as it turns out, there are vegan options in McDonalds – a whole two of them! Well, really just one – the fries – but you can make a special request for mayo to be left out of their veggie burger.


I’ve found that since turning vegan I’ve had strong resolve in not breaking veganism and eating something I ‘shouldn’t’. I’d wondered how I might act when faced with making vegan choices when drunk, but thankfully this hasn’t been a problem. I’ve been tempted by the old, familiar options, but have also remembered why I chose to be vegan in the first place. It’s also been helped enormously by the tastiness of the falafel and hummus wrap from my local kebab shop, which has meant I’ve really not felt like I was missing out with my takeaway food. This was something I sometimes ordered even when I was a meat-eater, and the only change I’ve had to make to make it vegan is to hold off on the garlic sauce.


However that evening I was hungry for something to eat before I reached home, and the McDonald’s was in a very convenient location. I ordered my veggie burger (sans mayo) and fries, and sat down hopeful that they’d satisfy my craving in the way my previous McDonald’s orders would have.


Unfortunately they didn’t. The veggie burger was not at all exciting; it was plain and boring. The fries are the fries, but they’re really just a vehicle for sauce, with the burger as the main attraction. Overall it just didn’t feel like a familiar McDonald’s experience, or a tasty one. I may go back and order only fries in future if I’m desperate, but it looks like McDonald’s is a thing of the past for the new vegan me.


What vegan options do you go for after a night out, if any? Leave a comment and let me know!