#HOME – excellent Asian vegan food in Shoreditch

After reading Fat Gay Vegan’s recommendation about newly-opened #HOME being the best vegan food in London, I had to check it out.

Boxpark - Approaching Home

Home vegan restaurant front

Drinks cabinet with lucky cat at #HOME vegan restaurant

Located in Boxpark, Shoreditch, #HOME is a completely vegan Asian fast-food place offering a wide variety of dishes from sweet n sour, to black bean, pad Thai, various curries and more.

Home vegan restaurant menu on the wall

Each is priced at a standard £8.50, or £10 with vegan spring rolls. Certainly not the cheapest lunch option around, but the food is definitely worth it!

Home vegan restaurant paper menu

Click to enlarge the menu

Most dishes can be customised with either veg, tofu or some sort of fake ‘meat’ as their basis (‘chickn’, ‘praun’ and ‘duk’ are some that feature on the menu – even some ‘vegan fish sauce’). I usually avoid meat substitutes now, having largely been disappointed with them so far, but couldn’t resist the temptation to try their ‘chickn and veg’ with my spicy black bean noodle dish. I wasn’t disappointed this time.

Home's spicy black bean noodles with vegan 'chicken'

There’s not too much to say, other than the food was really tasty. Freshly cooked, and not greasy, the portion was large and I left definitely wanting to try more of what #HOME offers pretty soon. I’ve got my eye on the pad Thai and jungle curry, amongst others.

What’s more, diagonally opposite #HOME you’ll find #COOKDAILY, the original vegan food place in Boxpark run by the same people. I’ve taken a look at the menu here and it’s more varied (think vegan bowls, breakfasts and smoothies), and somewhere I definitely want to try too.

So, I’m going to be making a fair few trips to Boxpark again in the coming months, it seems! Whilst I can’t yet vouch for the recommendation of #HOME having the best vegan food in London (I’ve not yet tried nearly enough places) it’s certainly very good.



On a side note, if you’ve read the about page for this blog, you’ll know it’s named after a line from grime artist JME. I just spotted the following article on the Boxpark website about a new grime documentary, featuring JME being interviewed in #COOKDAILY. One to check out.

*Rabbit hole*
Okay so I just got sucked into various tweets/Instagram posts/YouTube videos about various grime stars promoting/being vegan after I saw this great shot of Tempa T and JME in Cook Daily:
Grime artists Tempa T and JME at #COOKDAILY in Boxpark, Shoreditch


BoxPark @kingcookdaily 💯 COOK DAILY #VeganHype Come & Get Your Vegan Meals Here 😆😆😆

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And here’s JME and Tempa T in Vegan Cross, the vegan shop/food place where I tried a vegan kebab recently: