New vegan options at Pret for April 2016!

I started working in Farringdon several months ago and have become more reliant on Pret than when I used to work in Camden. For some months Pret had frustratingly few vegan options, and would often remove the only vegan options they had.

When I started buying from them more frequently, in terms of non-salad lunch options they had their stalwart super greens and reds sandwich (a good sandwich, but not something you want to eat all the time), a great artichoke and red olive tapenade baguette (this disappeared quickly), and a cauliflower and sweet potato curry quinoa pot (this was really nice, but they also pulled it).

Cauliflower and sweet potato curry quinoa pot - a vegan option no longer available at Pret

More recently they introduced a range of vegan soups, but these weren’t something that interested me, being relatively pricey for the very small amount of nutrition you get from them. Most of the time I go into Pret is post-gym, and I need something more substantial. They also brought in a Mexican-style avocado/beanie flatbread recently, but it wasn’t very tasty.

Now, after the addition of a much tastier avocado and chipotle chickpeas wrap in recent weeks, they introduced a number of new vegan options all at once! Part of their #NotJustForVeggies campaign, they aim to create veggie/vegan food that’s so tasty that it isn’t just for veggies/vegans to enjoy! I’m also reading that for the whole of June, one Pret store in Soho will be completely veggie, in order to come up with loads of new ideas.

Avocado and Chipotle Chickpeas Wrap - a vegan option at Pret


Some of the new range that I spotted…

Chana Chana Flatbread

Chana chana flatbread - a vegan option at Pret

Mushroom and Avocado Sushi Salad

Mushroom and avocado sushi salad - a vegan option at Pret

Red Tapenade and Avo Superbowl

Red tapenade & avo superbowl - a vegan option at Pret

Looking forward to trying some of these soon, particularly the Chana Chana flatbread. Even if they’re not great, I know the avocado and chipotle chickpeas wrap is!