Vegan Cross: Get your vegan junk food fix in London

My girlfriend recently told me about a place called Vegan Cross: a vegan shop in London that sells vegan-friendly clothing, vegan groceries and most interestingly: vegan takeaway fast food.

Vegan Cross London shop front

Vegan Cross London shop sign outside

Vegan Cross vegan groceries

Of course, becoming vegan I’ve been looking forward to eating more healthily than I did before, by cutting out a lot of the saturated fat associated with red meat and dairy. However, as a former meat eater, I was also worried about there being a lack of tasty junk foods for when I do want a fix!

Luckily Vegan Cross provides that. Their menu offers a wide selection of vegan alternatives to classic junk food including nachos, burgers, hot dogs, calzone and even currywurst! What I was most intrigued by though was their vegan döner kebab wrap.

Vegan doner kebab wrap

Being a greedy bastard, I decided to opt for their ‘supersize’ option, which as you can see, was pretty bloody massive.

Vegan doner kebab scale compared to my head

Unfortunately I found it a bit disappointing overall, just because the volume of veg really overwhelmed the döner ‘meat’. More of a big ol’ lettuce wrap. From what I could tell though, the döner tasted quite convincing!

Still, as I want to try pretty much everything else on the menu, I’ll definitely be back! I’d also like to take a better look at the vegan groceries on offer, as well as picking up another bottle of Chari-Tea Mate, which I discovered a taste for when I was in Amsterdam. If you know Berlin well, you’ll also spot the recognisable bottles of Club Mate!

Bottles of Club Mate in stock at Vegan Cross

The other thing I love about their menu is that some of their food is supplied by two great places: Manna and Fed By Water. The former is an amazing vegan restaurant that I visited a few months ago just after my girlfriend had gone vegan (whilst I was still a meat eater) and the latter is an Italian place in Dalston that has a wide variety of vegan pizzas and other dishes. I’m hoping to write more about both these places sometime soon.